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Booking Info

Thank you for your interest in booking Turtle Point Retreat for your next vacation!  We appreciate your business and know you will enjoy your stay with us!

Full payment is due to complete your reservation. 

  • Payment methods accepted - Visa, Mastercard or Check (Check is old school but preferred to avoid processing fees!) 

  • If paying by check, please make check payable to R&JW Holdings LLC.  Send payment to W12855 State Road 188, Lodi, WI 53555

  • A 3% Service Charge will be added for all Credit Card transactions

The form below is required to complete your booking.  Once submitted, you will be re-directed back to this page to pay by credit card if that is the preferred payment method.  

Complete Your Booking

Payment Preference

Information & Reminders For Your Stay:

  • NO Pets

  • Check in is 4:00 pm or after - We will text your mobile phone number the door code the day of your arrival. 

  • Check out is 10:00 am - Please make sure to be out by 10:00 am as our cleaning crew needs ample time to prepare for the next guests.

  • Please remember to bring bath towels, kitchen towels, charcoal, fishing gear and extra firewood as needed.  (We do provide some firewood but bringing extra is always a good idea).

  • Rental agreement - Please review the links below.  Please note these agreements are automatically accepted by you upon payment and or taking occupancy of the cabin for your vacation rental.  

  • Full payment for the cabin and optional Pontoon boat rental is due in full when booking.

  • Deck Lights - The deck lights are on an automatic timer and come on at dusk and stay on for two hours.  If you wish to change the settings, please remember to revert back at the end of your stay.


Agreements & Maps

Pontoon Boat Rental

Lake Info 

If paying by check, please make check payable to

R&JW Holdings LLC. 

Please send checks to: 

W12855 State Road 188, Lodi, WI 53555

A 3% Service Charge will be added for all Credit Card transaction

To Pay by Credit Card PAY NOW

  • Please watch how you remove the boat cover so you can easily recover at the end of your stay.  The cover does have a label to indicate the front of the boat which will help.  The smaller poles are for the front and the back of the cover and the longer poles are for the centers. 

  • The boat key is in a small lock box in main bedroom closet on the left wall.  The code will be provided along with your cabin door code on the day of your rental via text. Please return the key to the lock box at the end of your stay.  

  • Please make sure to refill whatever gas is used in the boat tank and spare tank in the wood shed.  The boat takes Premium Gas only.  

  • Agreement attached - automatically accepted upon using the boat.


If you've not driven a boat before here are a few tips: (Please make sure to read boat agreement and checklists below)

  • NOTE: Damages to the boat or damages from running into the pier are your responsibility.  Please be responsible while operating the boat.  We do inspect the boat after your stay but please contact us immediately if something happens so we can remedy the situation asap. ​

  • ENTRY TO ROCK LAKE AND SOUTH TURTLE LAKE IS PROHIBITED - Both lakes have multiple hazards entering/exiting that can severely damage the boat. (Unmarked rocks, stumps, very shallow waters) 

  • I would suggest you watch some YouTube videos on boating for both proper operation and safety. 

  • When the engine is running, the prop should always be in the water and always make sure a stream of water is coming out the side of the engine.  Boat motors are water cooled so the cycling of water is important. 

  • Please verify all accessories switches are off when done for the day so the battery does not drain.  

  • There is a Fish Finder/GPS unit on the boat that will help for navigation - you can toggle the screens to get to the GPS screen

  • When starting a boat, the drive or gear lever must always be in neutral

  • Never shift from forward to reverse or vice versa quickly or operating at higher speeds.  Doing this will damage the motor.

  • Always watch your depth.  When traveling in shallow areas (less than 4 feet of water) you must always go slow so you don't damage the propeller or engine. 

  • Do NOT try and dock on the islands as they are filled with large boulders and the depth changes quickly.  (See lake info below for hazards)

  • On windy days docking can become challenging so go slow and make sure you have others to help to keep you from running into the pier or slamming into the shoreline. 

North Turtle Lake

  • Buoys mark hazards, not the channel, so stay far away from buoys as large rocks are near the surface. 

  • DO NOT pass between any land and a buoy as there are shallow rock beds in between and you will damage the engine.   

  • There is a fish finder and GPS system on the boat so please pay attention to depths.

  • There is a shallow (3-4ft depth) large sand bar straight out from the cabin.  Please use caution and or raise motor as needed when traveling over sand bar. Great place for Walleye fishing at the edges of the sand bar as it drops off quickly!


​Overall, North Turtle Lake has some great fishing spots and you will find Walleye, Muskie, Small and Large Mouth Bass and Northern.  See maps for some hot spots.  

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