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Biking Trails


Hiking Trails

The Manitowish Waters Bike Trail starts at the Community Center at Hwy 51 and Airport Road.  There is ample parking to leave your vehicle as you begin an enjoyable ride on our scenic trail.  It meanders west on Hwy, 51 and crosses into the woods just past Marathon Road.  It travels north alongside Hwy. W through Downtown Manitowish Waters, passing Koller Park, and then to Rest Lake Park. 


The North Lakeland Discovery Center is located just across the entrance from Rest Lake Park.

The trail then continues north to Hwy K where it turns east and continues to Serbin Park at Red Feather Road.  The trail then enters it’s most scenic segment as goes about 4 miles to the North Lakeland Elementary School.  A portion of this segment and the rest of the trail continue to Boulder Junction over Rice Creek and past a small park at the junction of Hwy K and H and then into the downtown area of Boulder Junction.

For the ambitious rider you can continue on the trail to Sayner and St. Germain.  The whole system is known as the “Heart of Vilas County Trail” and is over 52 miles in length of paved trails.  It is truly one of the premier trails in Wisconsin and has won multiple awards!

WinMan Trails

There’s no single hike that defines Vilas County, and that’s what makes hiking here so special. On any given day, on a single trail, you can experience so much. You can stroll through old-growth forests and experience what life was like long before European settlers arrived. You can follow the rocky shore of an undeveloped lake and watch an eagle hunt for food. You can silently stroll on a carpet of fallen needles, and witness a doe and its fawns cross your path.

WinMan Trails
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