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Plenty of haunted sites to visit in around Manitowish Waters.  Ready for your vacation to the Northwoods. Nestled on Turtle Lake1, near Manitowish Waters, WI.  

The Paulding Lights

Paudling Light.jpg

Little Bohemia Lodge

Summerwind Mansion

Just outside Paulding, Michigan, people have been seeing a mysterious light for decades. Skeptics say the light is nothing more than distant car headlights; others point to sightings that occurred long before cars traveled these roads. Some say these lights are supernatural. They say that the light could be a ghost of a railroad brakeman killed in the area, a ghost of a dancing Indian or a ghost of a slain mail courier. Others said the light is swamp gas or a phenomenon caused by geologic activity. Who is right? You be the judge. The mystery has been featured on many television shows such as Fact or Fiction and programs on the History Channel.

The lodge is famous for its involvement in the 1934 shootout involving John Dillinger’s gang. The lodge is believed to be haunted by a civilian who was accidentally shot by the FBI during the shootout. Guests at the lodge have reported hearing unexplained noises, seeing apparitions and have items and furniture moved around their rooms.

The outside of this place alone will give you the creeps. The mansion has been uninhabited since 1986, and it's one of the spookiest abandoned places in Wisconsin. Multiple people who lived here reported being tormented by ghosts. People who visit today have reported strange orbs and a general cold feeling. Address: Bayside Lane, Land O' Lakes, WI, 54540. (pictured above)

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